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Australia WDBC Boxer Club of Australia
Austria Boxer Club of Austria
Belgium Boxer Club of Belgium
Brazil Club de Boxer em Sao Paulo
Boxer Club de Rio de Janeiro
Bulgaria Boxer Klub of Bulgaria
Canada Boxer Club of Canada Inc
Northern Ontario Boxer Club
Czech Republic Boxer Club of Czech Republic
Denmark Boxer-Club Danmark
Estonia Boxer Club Estonia
Finland Boxer Club of Finland
France Boxer Club de France
Germany Boxer-Club E.V. Sitz Munchen
IBC International Boxer-Club e.V.
Great Britain British Boxer Club
Hungary Boxer Club of Hungary
Italy Boxer Club of Italy
Japan National Boxer Club
Malaysia Boxer Club of Malaysia
Norway Boxer Club of Norway
Peru Boxer Club del Peru
Poland Boxer Club of Poland
Portugal Boxer Club of Portugal
Russia Boxer-Club of Russia
Slovakia Boxer Club of Slovakia
Spain Boxer Club of Spain
Southern Africa Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa
Sweden Swedish Boxer club
Swedish Boxer club Western Area-
Switzerland Swiss Boxer Club
Swiss Boxer Club (Geneva)
Netherlands Boxer Club of Holland
USA American Boxer Club
Yugoslavia Boxer Club of Yugoslavia
 ATIBOX 2004   ATIBOX 2004
 ATIBOX 2005 ATIBOX 2005
 ATIBOX 2006 ATIBOX 2006
The European championship of dogs 2006
The world show of dogs 2006
    Federation Cynologique Internationale


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