Photo albums of our puppies

Archive of a photo of albums of our puppies
29.01.2007  Puppies were born from  / Aivengo Ezkha & Almadinaks Kalipso

Was born 9 puppies, females 6 and male 3, 3 puppies (females) of white color were born

Aivengo Ezkha

Almadinaks Kalipso

  New- updating: 14.05.2007 Age of puppies 37days  
Aivengo Elsa Aivengo Enni
Aivengo Etnika Aivengo Eyshteyn
Aivengo Everest Aivengo Enerjauser
female3 male1
male1 male3
   Age of puppies 25days  
female1 female2 female3 male3
male1 male2
  Age of puppies 20days  
female1 female2
female3 male1
male1 male3




Age of puppies 3 days
Age of puppies 1 days
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